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Why is it So Hard to Lose Weight and Keep it off?

As if losing weight wasn’t hard enough… now I have to deal with the difficulty of keeping it off, too? Unfortunately, your journey with weight doesn’t end when the scale goes down. It takes a lifelong commitment to maintain your success– but why?

Kevin Hall, PhD, expert research scientist from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), dives into the physiology of our bodies that makes weight-loss and weight maintenance so challenging. Most importantly, he provides practical tools for making long-lasting lifestyle changes that promote health and benefit your weight.

Presented at YWM2018

Overall, men have higher rates of overweight and obesity than women but are often less likely to…

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Did you know that stress can have an impact on weight? Many people increase their food intake…

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Post-operative addiction is often overly simplified as transfer addiction or cross-addiction, assuming individuals “trade” compulsive eating for…

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