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The Rollercoaster of Life: Major Events and Personal Factors that Impact Weight

Childhood… college…marriage…children… oh my! Life events shape who we become – but we don’t always realize how much they affect our weight. Actually, we all have a personal history behind our weight that is influenced by different factors. What does yours look like and what can you learn from it?

Renowned obesity medicine researcher and author, Robert Kushner, MD, will help us take a look at the causes of weight gain over time and address some of the most common life events that may have had an impact on your weight. Dr. Kushner will uncover how these aspects may have contributed to weight gain by influencing your thoughts, biology and more. By the end, you’ll see how the dots connect and discover how to use your personal weight history to develop a treatment plan and take back control.
(Presented at YWM2020)

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