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OAC Health Talks: Telemedicine: Medical Obesity Care at Your Fingertips

Telemedicine became a popular tool during the pandemic because it allows healthcare professionals to provide medical care to patients in different locations through electronic communication. But what does that mean for patients with obesity? In this Health Talk, Dr. Kathrine H. Saunders will tell us about the benefits and drawbacks of telemedicine and how it can improve access to obesity care. She will also provide some tips on how to get the most out of your virtual appointments. Katherine H. Saunders, MD, DABOM, is a physician entrepreneur and a leading expert in obesity medicine. Dr. Saunders is on the cutting edge of effective and compassionate obesity treatment as the co-founder and executive vice president of Intellihealth and a teacher at Weill Cornell Medicine.

Overall, men have higher rates of overweight and obesity than women but are often less likely to…

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Did you know that stress can have an impact on weight? Many people increase their food intake…

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Post-operative addiction is often overly simplified as transfer addiction or cross-addiction, assuming individuals “trade” compulsive eating for…

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Comprehensive obesity care requires teaming up with a qualified and compassionate medical professional. Find the right healthcare provider to talk about your weight and health at

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