Make a tax-deductible donation to illuminate the need to END weight bias

The OAC’s year-end Fundraising Campaign is “Shining a Light on Obesity” and bringing awareness to important issues that need more attention in 2020.

One of these issues in particular is the need to END Weight Bias once and for all.

Why Bias is a Problem

Weight bias cannot be ignored or taken lightly. In today’s society, it hasn’t even come close to being addressed when compared to racism, sexism, etc.

That’s mostly because obesity is far too often seen as a character flaw. It is commonly believed that if someone has obesity, it is their fault. After all, how many times have you heard this piece of false wisdom? “All they have to do is eat less and move more.”

Every single day, people affected by obesity are treated poorly.

  • Someone is turned down for a job because the employer took note of their weight.
  • A clothing store manager tells an unassuming shopper to not even bother coming in.
  • A primary care provider doesn’t bother to look for the cause of a patient’s back pain. They assume that weight is the problem without looking deeper.

As if that’s not already unacceptable, weight bias and obesity stigma can result in depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, social isolation and other serious consequences.

Help the OAC Shine a Light on the Need to END Weight Bias. Make a Tax-deductible Donation Today!

  1. Make a Tax-deductible Donation of ANY amount to the OAC’s year-end “Shine a Light on Obesity” Fundraising Campaign.
  2. Tell us what issues (including weight bias) in obesity you want to “shine a light” on.
  3. In return for your generosity, the OAC will hang a light with your name on it on our holiday tree!

Your financial support will help the OAC raise national awareness of weight bias and increase efforts to end it. Plus, when you donate to “Shine a Light on Obesity,” you’ll also shine a light from the OAC National Office!

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