You’ve heard the OAC talk about a landmark bill soon to be reintroduced in Congress — the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act, or TROA. It’s promising legislation that, if passed, will turn the tides in obesity care by providing Medicare beneficiaries with so much more access to critical obesity treatment tools — but to pass, this high-priority Bill demands your support.

“I Have No Clue How to Influence Policy Change…”

If you’re not sure about supporting TROA — whether it’s because you don’t know much about it or the legislative process feels intimidating — don’t worry. You’re not alone!

Kristal Hartman, an OAC Community Member who started from ground zero after becoming interested in policy work, has a few words of wisdom to pass your way. The key is to remember that anyone can help TROA get passed, and we’ll share helpful ways to do that soon!

But in the meantime, visit these quick links to learn more about TROA and how it works:

URGENT: Share about TROA with Everyone You Can!

Why You Should Care about TROAWhile we wait for the 2019 Treat and Reduce Obesity Act to be introduced in Congress, here’s what can you do to support this Bill and take OAC Action in the meantime:

  • Continue to educate yourself on TROA
  • Share about TROA with your family, friends, social media, healthcare settings, etc.
  • Explain why TROA is important to ALL OF US — even those of us who don’t have Medicare coverage. Better healthcare policy = better care for everyone!

For more info about TROA and why it’s important for each one of us to support it, refer to the quick Fact Sheet linked below. Then share it online or print it out to spread the word in your community!

View 5 Reasons to Care: TROA_Why_You_Should_Care