Changing Lives through OAC’s
Convention Scholarship Program


For someone struggling with obesity, there can be life-changing power in finding REAL help. This means quality, unbiased education about obesity, health and weight management. It means tools and resources that are based in science and provided by someone you trust. It means connecting with people who are willing to walk with you on your journey every step of the way so you don’t feel alone.

For someone with financial need, access to these resources may not be possible. You can help bridge this gap when you Donate to OAC’s Convention Scholarship Program.


How Your Donation Works

OAC’s Convention Scholarship Program gives grants to underserved individuals to attend our Annual Convention, which is the best way we’re able to support people directly.

At Convention, we bring in leading experts from around the country to put science-based information about obesity, health and weight management directly into people’s hands. This 3-day educational experience also connects attendees with like-minded people who share their experiences and people who can walk with them hand-in-hand on their health journey.

When you donate any amount to OAC’s Convention Scholarship Program, 100% of your gift will go toward helping OAC bring more people in need to our life-changing Convention. You are investing in someone’s health, quality of life, and future.

Double Your Gift:
Give by March 18th!

OAC really needs your help, and we need it now. Thanks to our Matching Gift Partner, Geisinger Health, any donation you make through March 18 will be DOUBLED and have TWICE the impact! This incentive will close on March 18 when the grant application process begins.