Across the country, we all continue to keep a close eye on the impact of Covid-19. Meanwhile, “social distancing” has become the new normal. This means we’re spending more time at home and having to come up with new ways to stay busy and keep up with healthy habits.

Show Us How #OACStaysHome

It’s more important than ever to stay connected. Social distancing doesn’t mean social isolation! To keep our supporters and followers connected, OAC is launching its #OACStaysHome mini campaign to keep each other feeling engaged, supported and inspired.

How it Works:

First, make sure you’re following OAC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We continue to share supportive tips, health education and resources so we can be here for you — but we want you to engage with us, too!

Ideas to Get You Started:

Take a picture/video of…

  • A book or magazine you’re reading
  • A scenic walk in your neighborhood
  • Your social distancing buddy (pet, family member, etc.)
  • Your family board game/game night
  • A new recipe you’re trying out
  • The work you’re doing in your lawn or garden
  • Your arts and crafts projects

Healthy Tips from the OAC:

  • Take mental breaks by going on short/frequent walks
  • Get light to moderate exercise by working in your lawn/garden
  • Spring clean your home and use this time to get organized
  • Create a new dish with some of your healthier pantry staples
  • Go on a sunrise/sunset bike ride
  • Stretch often
  • Keep in touch with loved ones via text/phone call/video
  • Follow along to a guided workout video (i.e. dance aerobics, yoga)