Take an Active Step in Your Healthcare

health insurance, healthcareYour healthcare is one of the biggest responsibilities you have. Whether you visit your doctor frequently or not much at all, it is important to be prepared.

This includes:

  • Preventing health problems before they possibly occur
  • Having a plan in place in the event of a future health problem that you may need to address later on

One of the most active and important steps you can take for your healthcare is to review and understand your health insurance plan. Insurance plans can be confusing if you don’t know what certain terms mean or what to look for, or if a lot of text overwhelms you.

However, by taking time to review your plan, you will be more equipped to manage your health.

Obesity Care and Your Health Insurance

If you or a loved one has obesity, reviewing your insurance plan can be especially helpful. Unfortunately, the majority of plans have limitations or strict boundaries around seeking healthcare for obesity.

These are some common barriers:

  • Not knowing where to find a healthcare provider trained in obesity care that is A) nearby (2) affordable and B) in your network
  • Excluded services (i.e. obesity medications, nutrition counseling) or services with caps (i.e. only being able to visit a provider three times each year)
  • High co-payments or deductibles
  • A required waiting period for a treatment like bariatric surgery
  • A “one-service-per-lifetime” rule

Since insurance does not cover many services and treatments for obesity, getting help can be extremely frustrating. If you or a loved one has serious health conditions related to obesity, barriers like these can severely affect quality of life. They prevent or restrict the ability to access treatment in:

  • Primary care settings
  • Weight management clinics
  • From a dietitian
  • Web-based programs
  • Through commercial programs that are evidence-based

Treatments for obesity can include FDA-approved chronic prescription medications, behavior modification, counseling and/or bariatric surgery.

Act Now: Review Your Plan/Policy

Here’s the Issue:

The OAC believes that ALL health insurance plans should cover obesity care and treatment. Obesity is a complicated disease that should not be managed alone.

What We Want You to Do: