All About the OAC’s Community

Helpful Answers to Your Important Questions!

What is the OAC Community?

The OAC’s Membership Community is a diverse group of individuals who are interested in getting better connected to their health and changing the world for people living with obesity.

Why does the OAC Community need to exist?

The OAC Community exists because we want to see a better world for individuals living with obesity. Those who struggle with their weight face many challenges accessing healthcare and face unfair bias and stigmatization in their everyday lives. This must end. The OAC also knows that individuals are looking for a place to connect that offers quality, unbiased education along with tools and resources to help them with their own health. As hard as it is to believe, these things are not readily available, but the OAC Community is here to change that.

What is the purpose of OAC’s Community?

The OAC’s Community provides individuals the opportunity to join together to GET EDUCATED on the latest evidence-based information about obesity, FIND SUPPORT through ongoing education about weight and health, CONNECT with others who share similar concerns and journeys and TAKE ACTION to help the OAC change the world for individuals living with obesity.

What can I expect as a Member of OAC’s Community?

Your Community Member experience is what you make of it! Through the OAC’s online Community ENGAGE Platform, individuals will be offered an immersive experience where they can learn more about obesity, discover how to better manage their health and make an impact to ultimately change the world for those living with obesity.

What is the Community ENGAGE Platform?

The OAC’s Community ENGAGE Platform is an online portal located on the OAC’s Web site where all the latest news and information about obesity, current issues and activation opportunities areshared. Community members are encouraged to visit this platform daily to take a look at all the fresh educational content and thought-provoking posts available. Sections of the online platform include: Explore Our Education, Find Support and Connect, OAC Action Center, and much more!

Is there a fee to be a part of OAC’s Community?

No. There is no fee to join the OAC’s Community. The OAC recognizes the tremendous need for individuals to have access to the RIGHT information and to find the RIGHT support for their journey with weight. The OAC’s Community is designed for anyone who wants to simply be connected with the organization. There will be opportunities to donate to the OAC for those with a desire to contribute and support the work of the organization, along with the opportunity to add-on a Premium Access Membership for those who are looking for expanded benefits to being part of the Community.

What opportunities are afforded to me as a Community Member?

As a Community member, your opportunities are truly diverse. Your Community experience is anything you want it to be! Through the OAC’s Community ENGAGE Platform, you will have opportunities to get educated on the latest evidence-based information about obesity, find support through ongoing education on weight and health, connect with others who share similar concerns and journeys and take action to help OAC change the world for individuals living with obesity. Within the OAC Community, you are welcome to explore your passions and interests and find a variety of engagement opportunities that work best for you.

What types of Members are found in the OAC Community?

Individuals that make-up the OAC Community are truly diverse. Whether you are a person affected by and/or living with obesity, a loved one to someone affected, a healthcare provider or simply someone who wants to learn more about obesity and get more connected to the OAC; the OAC’s Community has something for you!

How do I join the OAC Community?

Joining the OAC Community is easy! Simply visit the OAC’s Website at and click on “Join OAC” in the top navigation bar. There is no fee to join, just simply provide your name and basic contact information and you will be part of the OAC’s Community. From there, you can expect to receive important updates and access to OAC’s Community ENGAGE Platform where you can find valuable educational resources, a listing of ways you can get involved and connections to other OAC Community members.

What is Premium Access Membership?

While anyone can join the OAC Community at no cost, we also offer Premium Access Membership that provides an expanded list of exclusive benefits for only $25/year! A print subscription to OAC’s popular publication, Your Weight Matters Magazine, is offered as part of this add-on category. By adding-on a Premium Access Membership, you will have access to all Community Member benefits PLUS…

  • Print subscription to OAC’s Your Weight Matters Magazine
  • Access to special edition magazines offered exclusively to subscribers
  • Premium Log-in access to OAC’s Community ENGAGE Platform with access to OAC’s educational library, including 300+ resource articles, all past issues of OAC’s Magazine, OAC’s Video Educational Library and much more!
  • Full access to OAC’s Provider Locator with search and find ability, PLUS the ability to comment and provide feedback on healthcare providers (Coming soon!)
  • Access to Member Discussion Forum (Coming soon!)
  • Access to OAC’s Weight of the World video database and ability to submit a personal video for awareness and support (Coming soon!)
  • Special discounts and advance registration opportunities for OAC’s National Convention (coming in 2019)

How do I order patient educational resources in bulk to distribute?

Healthcare Providers or those who are interested in ordering OAC’s print resources in bulk must first have Premium Access Membership ($25/year) and can then add-on the ability to request resources in bulk with a suggested minimum donation of $50. We want to ensure our educational materials get in the hands of those who need it, but we also need to be sure we cover the costs to produce and distribute these resources.

How do I get a copy of OAC’s magazine?

While select articles from past issues of OAC’s Your Weight Matters Magazine are available to Community Members, print copies of the magazine and/or a quarterly print subscription is an exclusive benefit to those with a Premium Access Membership (just $25/year). Digital access to the OAC’s magazine is available in the Community ENGAGE Platform by creating a free user account.

If you wish to download a copy of this FAQ for print, please click here.

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