Join the OAC in supporting Obesity Care Week 2020Today, March 5th, is Access to Care Day of Obesity Care Week (OCW). 

The OAC supports OCW in sharing the important message that everyone deserves access to healthcare that is not limited by their size, weight or economic status.

However, the reality is that many patients with obesity struggle to access treatments and services that can help them manage their weight and health. Access to Care Day encourages us to rethink what quality access to care really means and how we can provide it.

Core Beliefs about Access to Care

  • Everyone should have access to healthcare that is not limited by size, weight or economic status.
  • Access to comprehensive obesity healthcare is needed for the long-term treatment of obesity.
  • All public and private insurance plans should include comprehensive obesity care benefits.
  • Employers can improve the health and quality of life of their employees by providing comprehensive obesity healthcare coverage.
  • Access to care includes access to healthcare providers who are trained in obesity care.
  • A lack of obesity healthcare negatively impacts the health and well-being of those affected.

CLICK HERE to view a fact sheet on access to care, courtesy of Obesity Care Week.

An Opportunity for Improvement:
Passing the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act

One way OAC is working to improve access to care is by championing the final passage of the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act (TROA). TROA is a bipartisan bill that aims to treat and reduce obesity in older Americans by expanding Medicare benefits for:

  • Intensive behavioral counseling
  • Additional types of healthcare providers (like dietitians, psychologists and specialty physicians)
  • FDA-approved obesity medications.

Learn more about TROA at

Here’s How You Can Help: