As we close out 2020 here at the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC), we want to say “thank you” to our outstanding lineup of advertisers who have helped make OAC’s Weight Matters Magazine our most popular educational resource to date!

Weight Matters Magazine is a quarterly print publication for OAC Community Members with Premium Access Membership. This content-rich publication offers a variety of articles and resources that educate readers on all aspects of weight and health – from nutrition and exercise to mental health, weight-loss options, obesity treatments and more.

Weight Matters Magazine is made possible by our advertisers who support the OAC’s mission and help fund this valuable educational resource. Thank you to the following advertisers for all you do!

2020 Weight Matters Magazine Advertisers

Please join us in thanking these advertisers and click on their links to learn more! To learn more about Weight Matters Magazine, including our current issue, click here. For questions about advertising in Weight Matters Magazine or contributing to content, please email OAC’s Vice President of Marketing and Communications, James Zervios, at