Why You Should Give to OAC on Giving Tuesday

The OAC envisions a world where all individuals are treated with dignity and respect – a world free of weight bias.

The season of giving is here and as you may have noticed, today is a particularly big day for nonprofit organizations across the globe – Giving Tuesday. On this day, charities, individuals, families, business and community centers from all across the nation come together for one purpose: to celebrate generosity and to give. Today, OAC celebrates Giving Tuesday and we ask you to join us in the celebration.

OAC has participated in Giving Tuesday since this special day began in 2012, but this year it feels different for us. Because this year we have more on the table than we have ever had as we launch our public pledge to END WEIGHT BIAS. It’s no secret that fighting weight bias has been a pillar of the OAC’s work since the very beginning, and we have held numerous campaigns fighting weight bias. But this is different than anything we’ve done before – this is the first time we have ever launched a fundraising campaign specifically to help us achieve the weight-bias-free world that we envision.

Today, we launch our pledge to END WEIGHT BIAS and we ask you to pledge to stand with us by making a charitable gift. Today, we make specific goals for our weight bias initiatives public and we ask you to support these initiatives. Today, we ask you to make a gift that is intentional and purposeful – a gift that you believe in.

By donating to our weight bias initiatives today, you will help us end weight bias by:

      • Producing a national television PSA combating weight bias, a long-time goal of the OAC
      • Developing national outreach campaigns to raise awareness of weight bias and its damaging effects
      • Expanding outreach of the new OAC Image Gallery
      • Sustaining OAC’s efforts through weight bias alerts informing others of how to join the fight against stigma

No gift is too small to make a difference and help us realize our goal to END WEIGHT BIAS once and for all. This may sound cliché, but here’s some perspective for those who may be skeptical of this idea: OAC now has more than 54,000 members throughout the United States. If each of our members donated just $5 to our campaign to end weight bias, we would raise more than $270,000.

That is $270,000 to exclusively support the initiatives listed above. It’s a PSA running on national television to raise awareness of weight bias. It is the child in a rural town who has been bullied for their weight and feels completely alone, who sees our PSA and understands that what they are experiencing is not okay and they are never alone.

It’s the opportunity to change the perceptions that have been engrained in our society because of the insensitive imagery used in the media and other outlets, by increasing the outreach of the OAC Image Gallery and giving those outlets access to imagery showing people with obesity in a positive, realistic manner. It’s the person who once was that child who was bullied, who receives an OAC alert and now feels empowered to join the fight against bias.

It’s the OAC’s ability to put people first and help others understand that perception matters.

So why give to the OAC today on Giving Tuesday? Because we cannot win the fight against weight bias alone. We need you to help the OAC make a clear and resounding statement throughout our nation on this important day of giving that we will stand up to and eliminate weight bias once and for all.

Your support will make this possible. Please join us in the fight and make a donation today. 

This Giving Tuesday, help the OAC END WEIGHT BIAS!

About the Author:
Lindsay McGhay, Director of Development and Engagement Initiatives, handles membership and supporter engagement for the OAC, including all member and supporter communications, supporter activation on all OAC advocacy and bias issues and management of opportunities for members to get involved with the organization. Lindsay also oversees the OAC’s development, which includes the expansion and execution of general public and supporter-based fundraising efforts. Lindsay received her BA in English and Dance from Barnard College of Columbia University. Prior to joining the OAC fulltime, Lindsay worked for a subsidiary marketing agency of McCann Health in New York City, and was an intern for the OAC in 2007 and 2008.

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