#TheReasonIGive: So Others Can Live Life to the Fullest

The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is a source of support, guidance and understanding for many individuals affected by obesity. It’s an organization dedicated to empowering others and helping them live life to the fullest – no matter their story or how obesity has impacted them.

Below, OAC members Jeff Newell and Jason Krynicki share their very personal reasons for why they’re giving back to the OAC this holiday season and into 2018!

Jeff Newell – OAC Weight Bias Task Force and Convention Welcoming Committee Member

The OAC changed my life. Through education, community and acceptance, I made the decision to take my health into my hands and have bariatric surgery. After losing 300 pounds, I gave myself a new lease on life, and there are millions out there that deserve the chance to not be governed by obesity. By giving back to this organization and advocating for others, those affected by weight-related issues get the opportunity to finally live life to the fullest.

Jason Krynicki – Recipient of 2017 Barbara Thompson Award for Advocacy

The reasons I give back to the OAC are as follows:

I believe that the OAC is the best organization out there and I can’t speak highly enough about it! I inform people of the amazing individuals that work for this organization, and I also tell people about all of the amazing things they do for the bariatric community, including:

    • Education
    • Advocacy
    • Support

To me, the OAC stands for One Awesome Community. If I can change one’s person’s life through giving back to this organization, I have made a difference in the world. Going to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. gave me the opportunity to meet my state congressman and get the word out about the obesity epidemic. I also spread the word about the importance of supporting the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act (TROA) and the very true fact that obesity is a disease.

Additionally, the OAC’s Annual Your Weight Matters National Convention helped me meet and visit amazing people who have become my family. This organization is life-changing and I even plan on getting a tattoo that says “OAC!” They are empowering, they’re in my blood and I would do anything to support them. These are the reasons I give back.

Do you wish to give back to the OAC this holiday season? CLICK HERE to change lives!



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