November 2012 – News from the OAC
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Obesity Action Coalition Honors Extraordinary Members at 1st Annual OAC Awards Dinner

On October 27, during the Your Weight Matters Inaugural Convention, the OAC recognized some of our outstanding members at the 1st Annual OAC Awards Dinner. The OAC presented six members with the following OAC awards based on their service and dedication to the OAC:

Advocate of the Year
This award is given to the OAC Member who has lead the charge in taking on and engaging others in advocacy initiatives. This individual is a tireless advocate advancing the cause of fighting obesity and representing individuals affected.

The recipient of the OAC Advocate of the Year award was Beth Sheldon-Badore, of Plymouth, MA. Beth is a long-time member and supporter of the OAC, and she continuously advocates for those affected by obesity.

Community Leader of the Year
This award is given to an individual who continually works in their community to advance the cause of fighting obesity. The recipient is an individual who actively engages their community or with their constituency in spreading awareness of obesity and encourages others to get involved in activities that further the mission of the OAC.

The recipient of the Community Leader of the Year award was Tammy Beaumont, BSN, RN, BC, CBN, of Dallas, TX. Tammy, a long-time OAC member, is extremely involved in fighting obesity in her community through the OAC as well as the Walk from Obesity.

Outstanding Membership Recruitment by an OAC Member
This award is designated for the individual OAC member who is an active membership recruiter in the OAC. The individual is a regular membership promoter and continually encourages membership in the OAC.

The recipient of the Outstanding Membership Recruitment by an OAC Member award was Michelle Vicari, from Temecula, CA. Michelle continuously works to raise awareness of the OAC, as the positive impact of membership in our organization.

Outstanding Membership Recruitment by a Physician
This award is given to the Sponsored Membership Program participant (physician) that recruited the highest number of new members in the OAC in the 12 months prior to the Convention month.

The recipient of the Outstanding Membership Recruitment by a Physician award was Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians. Rocky Mountain Associated Physicians is a leader in the OAC’s Sponsored Membership Program. Through the Sponsored Membership Program, they purchase memberships in the OAC for each of their patients. To date, they joined 268 members in the OAC during 2012!

Bias Buster of the Year
The OAC’s Bias Buster of the Year is awarded to the individual who has lead the charge to put the OAC on path to effect change in mindsets, policies and public perception of weight bias. This individual is both proactive and reactive in responding to weight bias issues and is an example to others on how to get involved as a Bias Buster.

The recipient of the OAC’s Bias Buster of the Year was Rebecca Puhl, PhD from New Haven, CT. Rebecca is a member of the OAC’s Board of Directors and is the leading expert on weight bias. She is also the current chair of the OAC’s Weight Bias Committee. Her profound knowledge on weight bias allows the OAC to tackle a variety of bias issues ranging from entertainment to healthcare and more.

Member of the Year
This is the OAC’s highest honor and is awarded to an OAC member who goes above and beyond to help the OAC in its efforts to achieve its mission and goals. This individual is an exemplary OAC member and continually represents the OAC in impacting the obesity epidemic.

The recipient of the OAC Member of the Year award was Ted Kyle, RPh, MBA, of Pittsburgh, PA. Ted sits on the OAC’s Board of Directors and is also a member of several OAC committees. His extensive knowledge in the field of obesity has continually assisted the OAC in advocacy efforts, combating weight bias, developing educational resources and more.

The OAC National Board of Directors and staff congratulate these individuals and recognize them for their continued support and dedication to the OAC, our mission and goals.

OAC President and CEO Participates in TEDMED’s Great Challenges Program

We are proud to announce that OAC President and CEO, Joe Nadglowski, has been selected as one of the experts participating in TEDMED’s Great Challenges Program, “Coming to Terms with the Obesity Crisis (Adults).” TEDMED, a community comprised of individuals who are passionate about the future of health and medicine, started the Great Challenges Program to open up conversations around the greatest health challenges facing our nation, which includes obesity. With this honor, Mr. Nadglowski was able to provide his expertise on the obesity epidemic and its surrounding factors to a community of individuals concerned about the health of our nation.

TEDMED engaged the public in these conversations online on their Web site, giving individuals the opportunity to submit questions for the panel of experts to answer. Experts then provided answers to these questions on the TEDMED Web site. The first question proposed to the panel of experts was:

What are the top 10 contributing factors for the Great Challenge, ‘Coming to Terms with the Obesity Crisis (Adult)?’

The responses to this important question provided by the experts can now be viewed on their Web site. View OAC President/CEO’s video response now by clicking here.>>>

OAC’s Advocacy Training Session Trains 68 NEW Advocates

On Thursday, Oct. 25, during the OAC’s Convention, the OAC hosted a special Advocacy Training Session. The goal of this session was to train our next set of advocates, preparing them to speak on behalf of the OAC and bring their voices to Capitol Hill to speak directly to elected officials.

We are excited to report that this session resulted in us adding 68 newly-trained advocates for the cause who are now prepared and ready to help the OAC in its advocacy efforts. Special thanks to Allergan for their exclusive sponsorship of this important session during the Convention.

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