The Obesity Society, Obesity Action Coalition and Obesity Medicine Association have issued a joint statement recommending that patients do not use available compounded alternatives to GLP-1 medications.

Even though medications like Wegovy (semaglutide) and Zepbound (tirzepatide) demonstrate remarkable effectiveness, frustration exists on accessing such Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved treatments due to medication shortages, lack of insurance coverage and high out-of-pocket costs. Such barriers can result in patients looking for available alternatives.

Unfortunately, many of the available alternatives, like compounded versions of semaglutide and tirzepatide, are not what they are advertised to be. These compounded versions are not the same as the drug provided by the manufacturers. The FDA stated very clearly that, “Patients should be aware that some products sold as ‘semaglutide’ may not contain the same active ingredient as FDA-approved semaglutide products and may be the salt formulations.” Why does this matter? Simply put, the salt formulations of these drugs have not been shown to be safe and effective and are not FDA-approved.

Read the full statement and view resources with additional details HERE.