The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is pleased to share that Found has renewed its support for the OAC’s Chairman’s Council at the Patron level. Thank you, Found,  for continuing to support and champion the OAC’s mission.

About Found

Found is an evidence-based weight care solution that combines the best of modern medicine with access to personalized coaching and a supportive community. Centered around clinical care and lasting behavior change, Found provides its members with a comprehensive weight loss program that delivers long-term, sustainable results. Found designs personalized treatments around every factor that makes people unique, including biology, medical history, mental health, existent lifestyle, goals and more. Found’s members are supported by a team that includes providers to prescribe safe medication, and the best of consumer technology to provide behavioral health interventions delivered through our app for guidance on nutrition, movement, sleep and emotional health. Found is the largest medically-supported weight loss clinic in the country, serving more than 185,000 Americans to-date. For more information, visit

About the OAC Chairman’s Council

The OAC is honored that Found has chosen to support our organization at the Patron level through the Chairman’s Council, as we strive to partner with industry leaders who share our mission of supporting and empowering individuals in their health journeys.

The OAC welcomes individuals, organizations, or companies who wish to join our highest level of OAC Membership and receive maximum benefits. Our Chairman’s Council is an excellent way to give back to the cause and play an integral role in making the world a better place for people with obesity. To learn more about the OAC’s Chairman’s Council, click here.