May 2013 – News from the OAC
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Advocacy in Action on Capitol Hill

OAC President/CEO Joe Nadglowski, center, with Brandon Williams, MD, FACS, left, and Wayne English, MD, FACS, right, advocating on Capitol Hill.

An important focus of the OAC is to support our members and others affected by obesity. With changes to healthcare on the horizon, OAC President and CEO Joe Nadglowski is working tirelessly to encourage legislation that includes coverage for medically-managed weight-loss options.

Joined by OAC members Brandon Williams, MD, FACS, and Wayne English, MD, FACS, the trio spent time visiting legislative offices on Capitol Hill to explain the upcoming challenges individuals will face in accessing obesity treatments in the Healthcare Exchange.

While it’s important to send representatives to Washington, DC, to be the voice for patients everywhere, it is equally important for regular people to get engaged and tell their elected officials that access to medical treatment for obesity matters! We the people put individuals in office and it is their job to respond and represent us. Advocacy may sound intimidating, but it is as simple and easy as sharing your story to help others understand why an issue is important.  If you would like to get more involved in this and learn how you can become a proactive advocate for change, please click here.

New FREE Resource for Healthcare Professionals

Working with the American College of Physicians (ACP), the OAC has created a new, FREE resource for healthcare professionals. “Excess Weight and Your Health—A Guide to Effective, Healthy Weight-Loss” is a DVD and guidebook including information on topics such as excess weight, obesity, risks of excess weight, nutrition, weight-loss options and more. This resource is designed to make it easy for healthcare professionals to feature information on these weight-related topics in their practices.

The 32-page guidebook makes for excellent waiting room reading and provides an in-depth look at excess weight. It is filled with the latest information on weight-loss options and offers tools to measure weight, tips for healthy eating, and ways to live a more active lifestyle.

With experts in the field of obesity providing easy-to-use knowledge on how to combat excess weight and obesity, the DVD is also a great resource for healthcare providers wanting to educate their patients on the importance of weight and health. The video is divided into nine chapters giving a comprehensive overview of weight, health, nutrition, treatment and more.

“Excess Weight and Your Health—A Guide to Effective, Healthy Weight-loss” is FREE for healthcare professionals. Click here to view the Guidebook and DVD and order your copy today.

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