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We all know that weight remains a topic that relates to everyone, yet no one wants to talk about it. In the recent decades, weight has quickly become an extremely prevalent issue not only among our society, but in healthcare, media, pop culture and government. The way that weight is viewed by most in the country, especially in mainstream media, sends many mixed messages – messages that put an emphasis most on the cosmetic aspects of weight. This emphasis completely overshadows the true importance of addressing weight and the primary message we want to send: IT’S ABOUT YOUR HEALTH!

In 2010, the OAC launched the Your Weight Matters brand in an effort to raise awareness of weight and its impact on health. Our goal was to open the lines of communication about weight between individuals and their healthcare providers, and make it an easy conversation to initiate. The brand focuses on one clear message: Your Weight Matters – For Your Health. It’s a simple, but powerful message that needs to be heard across the country. As weight and health are at the center of the discussion around healthcare in our country, the OAC has developed three main components of the Your Weight Matters brand to help the individual, regardless of where they are in their journey for better health:

      • the Your Weight Matters Campaign
      • the Your Weight Matters National Convention
      • and Your Weight Matters Magazine

There is no better organization than the OAC to deliver this message nationwide to the millions of ears that need to hear it. Now is the time for us to join together and support this message, support the cause and support one another. Below, you will learn more about each of the components of the OAC’s Your Weight Matters brand and how you can get involved and get others engaged in this important initiative!

Your Weight Matters Campaign

Today, 93 million Americans are affected by obesity and more than 33% of Americans are affected by excess weight. But, many Americans do not realize that they are affected by excess weight or they do not know that excess weight can greatly impact their health. The Your Weight Matters Campaign is designed to help individuals determine if they are affected by excess weight or obesity and to help them understand the health risks associated with these conditions.

The Campaign is accompanied with a Challenge – calling individuals to measure their weight and engage in a conversation with their healthcare provider about health. This is an entry-point for those who have never addressed their weight or who are intimidated by the idea of talking about it with their health provider, or even by addressing their weight personally.

By taking the Campaign Challenge, individuals receive a comprehensive Toolkit with nutrition and fitness tips, guidance in measuring weight, weight-loss options, sample questions for the conversation with the healthcare provider and a food journal. The Your Weight Matters Campaign Toolkit gives individuals a sense of security when preparing for that sometimes-scary, often-nerve-wracking conversation with a healthcare provider. It arms them with the proper educational resources in understanding how to measure weight through either body mass index (BMI) or waist circumference, as well as valuable information on health and wellness.

The Your Weight Matters Campaign has proven to be a successful initiative with thousands of individuals pledging to better their health through the Challenge. We encourage you to take the Challenge and recommit yourself!

Learn more about the Campaign today by CLICKING HERE.

Your Weight Matters National Convention

The Your Weight Matters National Convention is the country’s premier educational event and largest national meeting that presents evidence-based weight management strategies for individuals concerned about weight and health. This three-day educational event is designed to bring together all individuals who are eager to learn more about effectively addressing and managing their weight and health.

The Convention is an annual event, held in a major city each year. For three full days, individuals are provided with evidence-based tools to help them in their lifelong journey with weight and health, presented by the country’s leading experts on weight and health. The comprehensive educational agenda is comprised of a diverse set of topics accompanied by a warm, welcoming and supportive environment.

The Convention brings together the community and offers the chance for every individual, no matter where they are in their journey for better health, to feel safe and empowered. It is through the unrivaled educational sessions, hands-on learning and overall experience of Convention that one can truly learn why Your Weight Matters – For Your Health.

To learn more about the Your Weight Matters National Convention, CLICK HERE.

Your Weight Matters Magazine

When the OAC was founded in 2005, OAC News was established as the official publication of the organization and was sent to all active members as a tangible membership benefit. As the organization grew, so also did the need for a strong educational magazine that would provide members not only with the latest association news, but with relevant educational pieces from the leading obesity experts in the country. The magazine seemed like a natural fit within the Your Weight Matters brand, so the OAC renamed Your Weight Matters Magazine as the organization’s official publication.

In many ways, the quarterly publication is the link back to the OAC from the Your Weight Matters brand as it is reserved solely as an OAC membership benefit, sent directly to all active members and showcased nationwide at health-related conferences.

Featuring articles on a variety of topics including weight-loss medications, bariatric surgery, nutrition, advocacy, and weight bias, among others, all articles are authored by leaders in the healthcare field. The Magazine represents the Your Weight Matters brand at its very core, raising awareness of weight and health and providing the best educational resources for the individual to aid them in their journey for better health.

View the latest issue of Your Weight Matters Magazine by CLICKING HERE.

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