If someone asked you to tell your story, how would you portray the main character?

Your answer might point to how you really feel about yourself. Because of the weight bias that is so deep in society, many people who struggle with weight also struggle with self-esteem and negative self-talk. And it doesn’t help when there are so many mixed messages out there about weight and size.

Fortunately, you can try to tune-out the messages that don’t benefit you. If you can learn to silence your inner critic, you can build a healthier self-esteem and transform the way you approach weight and health.

Learn How to Silence Your Inner Critic at YWM2021-VIRTUAL

YWM2021-VIRTUAL mental health topicsYWM2021-VIRTUAL, the OAC’s signature event that happens to be celebrating its 10th Annual YWM Convention this summer, will take the place July 17-25.

The virtual event series is dedicated to supporting people from all backgrounds in their weight and health journeys with education, resources, tools, a community of support and more. You’ll learn strategies in nutrition, exercise, behavioral health and even your mental health!

One of the featured mental health sessions will be “Silencing Your Inner Critic in a Noisy World: Building a Self-esteem. It will be led by a panel of renowned psychotherapists and mental health professionals, featuring Paul B. Davidson, PhD; and Rachel Goldman, PhD, FTOS. They will help you make a story where you are resilient, confident, and grateful to yourself.

The goal for this empowering session is to equip you with mental health tools that will set you up for long-term success. Come away with the skills needed to make healthy, lasting progress with your health and weight that you can be proud of.

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