Diet is a Noun, Not a Verb“Diet” is not a bad word!

If you are on the weight management journey, you might be quick to associate a “diet” with stressful calorie-counting, carb-tracking and being focused on weight-loss. But in reality, a “diet” is just part of your lifestyle. It’s about the types of food you eat as well as your eating patterns.

When was the last time you looked at eating as a lifestyle and not as a chore? Changing your mindset can help you develop a healthier relationship with food and see a diet as a way of eating that can be nourishing and supportive of your body. Perhaps we have been thinking of the word “diet” all wrong!

Reclaim the Word “Diet” – Watch This Session and More at YWM2021-VIRTUAL

YWM2021-VIRTUALAt YWM2021-VIRTUAL, the OAC’s Annual Convention taking place this summer from July 17-25, we’re bringing together a team of powerhouse dietitians to help us reclaim the word “diet” and give it new meaning.

You can watch “Diet is a Noun, Not a Verb – Eating for Your Health” on Day 1 of the Convention along with an impressive lineup of other can’t-miss topics. YWM2021-VIRTUAL promises an immersive online experience with the best weight and health education to help you recharge your health.

This session in particular will help you break away from common associations of “dieting.” You will discover how the best eating plan is actually one that focuses on your overall health and wellbeing, not just on weight-loss.

You will benefit from this session if:

  • You’re frustrated with searching through conventional diets to help with weight-loss
  • Your previous attempts at weight-loss have hurt your relationship with food
  • You are interested in nutrition and wellness
  • You want a refreshing approach to nutrition and weight management

Click here to see the full educational session and speaker lineup.

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