YWM2019 is Coming to Tampa…

With summer well on its way, the OAC is thrilled to be hosting YWM2019: our 8th annual Your Weight Matters Convention & EXPO in Tampa, August 1-3.This is truly an event we look forward to each year as there’s no other place that tackles the personal topics of weight and health with such attention to detail.

What are the “messier” parts about weight management that you have questions about? How can you support a loved one struggling with their weight? How do you handle the changing ebbs and flows of weight-loss? We’ve got a top-notch Program Agenda to give you these answers.

From a Caregiver’s Perspective: Why Should You Attend?

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t struggle with my weight so this Convention isn’t for me” then think again! YWM2019 is for all of us affected by obesity and/or issues with weight in any way. If you have a loved one who is on the journey with weight, you’ll discover new tips and tools to help you support and encourage them. Because if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that this journey isn’t easy.

You might discover ways to making healthy home cooking a more regular part of your family routine. You might gain deeper insight into some of the struggles a loved one is facing. Maybe you’ll learn what kinds of comments hurt and what kinds help. Whatever your loved one needs, YWM2019 can help you help them.

Topics Relatable to Caregivers You Can’t Miss!
  • Supporting a Loved One on their Journey: A Discussion for Caregivers
  • Lean on Me: Finding the Right Support System to Stay on Track
  • Looking beyond the Numbers: Celebrating Non-scale Victories
  • The Changing Tides of Relationships after Weight-loss
  • It’s Time to Do Something about Weight Bias: A Call to Action

To view the complete YWM2019 Program Agenda, CLICK HERE.

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