Sunday, July 22, 2018

On Day 4 of OAC’s 7th Annual Your Weight Matters National Convention, attendees were given an official morning “send-off” before home travels had begun. Everyone gathered together over breakfast to connect one last time before leaving YWM2018 in Denver and reflect on an incredible weekend filled with valuable information, encouragement, support and empowerment to go out and be the best version of ourselves possible.

Sharing “Ah Ha!” Moments

Sunday’s morning send-off began as OAC’s President/CEO Joe Nadglowski, Chairwoman Michelle Vicari and Convention Chair Pam Davis, RN, CBN, MBA took the stage to talk about their personal “ah ha” moments from the weekend. Then, the discussion was opened to all attendees to share their favorite takeaways, life-changing moments and valuable education they learned throughout the event.

The morning was filled with laughter, nods of agreement and a myriad of different emotions as attendees shared what was so special to them about YWM2018. For some, it was realizing they truly weren’t alone on their weight management journey. For others, it was learning that obesity is a complex disease and they aren’t a “failure” if they experience trials and troubles along the way. There are so many different factors that affect weight, and it takes a lot of hard work, education and determination to stick with the journey and move forward. And yet for others, their “ah ha!” moment was realizing that their voice carries true power – no matter where they have been on their journey with weight or what experiences they carry with them. Each of us has the power to show up, speak out, be an advocate and take #OACAction in a number of different ways.

Reinforcing the Value of the OAC Community

Despite the amazing weight and health education that YWM2018 delivered, perhaps one of the most valuable takeaways from the weekend was that the OAC Community is here for ALL people who struggle with weight or are concerned with/interested in weight-related issues. The OAC Community stretches beyond those who attended YWM2018. It’s every single one of us everywhere who is looking for meaningful connections, support for the weight journey and health education to improve quality of life.

So, what’s next until YWM2019 takes place in Tampa? All of us have the power, tools and resources to take #OACAction and make the world a better place for people living with obesity. To begin taking action, check-out the OAC’s Community ENGAGE Platform and explore the left-hand navigation for different action opportunities – whether it’s using OAC’s Action Center, sharing OAC educational resources or simply being there to support another OAC Community member.

In the words of OAC President/CEO Joe Nadglowski, “There is nothing we cannot do if we do it together. The OAC Community is here for YOU.