December will be ending soon, and so will your opportunity to Make a Tax-deductible, Year-end Donation to the OAC’s “Shine a Light on Obesity” Fundraising Campaign!

The OAC still needs your financial support to start 2020 with the resources required to bring awareness to important issues in obesity. So far, we’ve talked about the need to End Weight Bias and Share Quality Education. Now we want to “Shine a Light” on another critical need: giving patients with obesity the care and help they deserve.

Why Patients with Obesity Need Better Care (and Help Getting it)

Even though obesity is a disease, many patients who are trying to treat their obesity don’t get the same level of care that is given for other diseases. Health insurance often limits or denies treatment options. It can also be a challenge just to find a healthcare provider.

Here is what access to care for patients with obesity SHOULD look like:

  • Care and treatment that is science-based
  • Care that looks at the whole person’s health, not just their weight
  • Expanded insurance coverage for valuable treatments
  • Limited coverage barriers (i.e. referrals, long wait times, mandatory weight-loss)
  • Having access to medical equipment that accommodates size diversity
  • Care that is lifelong, even when obesity is “in remission”

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Help the OAC Shine a Light on the Need for Quality Obesity Education. Make a Tax-deductible Donation Today!

  1. Make a Tax-deductible Donation of ANY amount to the OAC’s year-end “Shine a Light on Obesity” Fundraising Campaign.
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  3. In return for your generosity, the OAC will share your support by hanging a light with your name on it on our holiday tree!

Your financial support will help the OAC share quality and helpful education about obesity to patients, healthcare providers and loved ones across the country. Plus, when you donate to “Shine a Light on Obesity,” you’ll also shine a light from the OAC National Office when we add your name to our holiday tree!

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