The OAC will host its Annual Your Weight Matters Convention & EXPO this year in Tampa, FL from August 1-3 (YWM2019). While this much-anticipated event has always been a chance for us to bring together diverse people who struggle with their weight and provide quality education and support, we asked ourselves, “What is it about this Convention that pulls people back again each year?”

Two Attendees Weigh-in on YWM2019

With Registration currently open for YWM2019, we asked this year’s soon-to-be attendees about their “Why” for signing-up. What motivated them to take time out of their weekend to register? What compels them to want to attend a Convention about weight management, a topic that’s typically tough to talk about? Here is how a couple of this year’s attendees responded:

Gary Grisaffi — Gretna, Louisiana 

Gary Grisaffi is coming to YWM2019 from Gretna, LA“This year’s Your Weight Matters Convention & EXPO in Tampa will be the 4th Convention I have attended. It is absolutely amazing and offers a quality of education you can’t find anywhere else. All information is presented by professionals in their field and in a language we can all understand — broken down and simplified. I had the Lap Band bariatric surgery in 2007, and many things along my weight management journey have changed, so this Convention is an invaluable opportunity for me to learn about the newest procedures and practices.

But when it comes to community, being at this Convention is like going to a family reunion. From the very first one I attended, I felt so incredibly welcomed and connected. Everyone I met has a unique but somehow similar story. All of us have many things in common and our struggles are very real. As a man, I’ve learned more about the concept of power in numbers when it comes to weight-loss and health. We learn from each other and are inspired to do our best at living a happy and healthy life.

If you have a chance to attend this year’s Your Weight Matters Convention & EXPO in Tampa this August, please take the leap and Register Now! You will not be disappointed. I promise.”

Eileen Myers — Fernandina Beach, FL

OAC Community Member Eileen Myers shares why she's coming to YWM2019“I am excited to attend YWM2019! I have been an RDN working directly or indirectly in the field of weight management and eating disorders for my entire career. I have been around since the early days when we hoped behavior modification was the only answer to weight-loss (not!). This is the only conference where there are top professional experts in the field of overweight and obesity who present and listen to the top consumer experts who live with overweight, obesity, stigma and/or discrimination.

I want to hear from and learn from each of these expert groups. I believe attending this conference will greatly enhance my knowledge and benefit my future work in consulting, teaching and advocacy.

I’m very excited to hear the opening session on “Navigating Health, Changing Tides, Taking Action” along with sessions on “Understanding What Drives Hunger” and “How Companies are Responding to the Ever-changing Needs of Patients.” I always like to hear “What the Science Says about Weight-loss, Weight Gain and Weight Maintenance” as this information is so helpful when I am working with my patients. Finally, I’m excited to see my colleagues and friends and explore the EXPO Hall! I know this program will be great!”

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