Welcome to OAC's Chairman's Council!The OAC is pleased to welcome one returning member to our honorary Chairman’s Council – GI Dynamics, Inc!

GI Dynamics has pledged their support at the Patron Level of our Chairman’s Council and has once again partnered with the OAC to help us improve the lives of individuals affected by obesity through awareness, education, advocacy and support. A cutting-edge industry leader in type 2 diabetes and obesity treatment, GI Dynamics is dedicated to alleviating chronic disease symptoms and fighting these global epidemics worldwide.

About GI Dynamics, Inc.

Specifically, GI Dynamics is the developer of EndoBarrier® — intended for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and obesity. EndoBarrier is delivered in a minimally invasive manner and is designed to mimic the mechanisms of metabolic surgery without altering the anatomy. Founded in 2013, GI Dynamics is headquartered in Boston, MA.

GI Dynamics writes, “EndoBarrier bridges the gap between pharmaceuticals and surgery by providing a safer and more effective way to control glucose and weight-loss for individuals who are underserved by drugs and injections, but for whom surgery is not an option.”

OAC Chairman’s Council

The OAC is honored to have the support of GI Dynamics and we welcome any individual, organization or company who wishes to join our highest level of OAC Community membership! OAC’s Chairman’s Council is an excellent way to give back to our cause and play an integral role in helping us continue our initiatives and serve individuals affected by obesity.

To learn more about the OAC’s Chairman’s Council or to join today, please CLICK HERE.