Obesity Care Week (#OCW2021) is coming to a close with today being “I Care” Day.

“I Care” Day is about humanizing obesity and bringing light to the many different reasons why we care about it. Whether you are living with obesity personally, are a healthcare provider who helps patients with obesity, a policy maker, a researcher, a caregiver, or just someone who cares about this topic, your perspective is important. And today on “I Care” Day, you can share it!

Here’s what others have shared this year in honor of “I Care” Day.

To participate in Obesity Care Week’s “I Care” Campaign and submit your own video sharing why you care about obesity, click here for instructions. We encourage you to also share your video on social media and use the hashtag #OCW2021 so that others can see it.

Tweet this! I care about #obesity because it is a complex, chronic disease affecting more than 650 million people around the world. Why do you care about obesity? Obesitycareweek.org/icare #OCW2021 @ObesityCareWeek

Consider Sharing Your Story in Honor of Obesity Care Week

Throughout the week, #OCW2021 aimed to change the way we care about obesity by raising awareness of important topics such as weight bias, prevention and treatment, access to care, childhood obesity, and others. If you’ve been inspired this week to speak up or take action, the OAC encourages you to also consider sharing your story or your personal experiences that connect you to the topic of obesity.

If interested, check-out the OAC’s story-sharing video platform at WeightoftheWorld.com. The videos shared to this platform are protected by the OAC’s privacy policy and are only viewable to OAC Members. But when shared within the OAC Community, they can be a source of support, encouragement, and awareness of the lived experiences of people with obesity.

That’s a wrap on #OCW2021 – thank you to everyone who supported this public awareness campaign and helped change the way we care about obesity!