Cindi and her dog Coco at a YWM Convention.

In a world that often stigmatizes and misunderstands obesity, creating spaces where individuals living with the disease can find compassion, connection and support is crucial. The Rob Portinga Memorial Scholarship Fund aims to provide exactly that. Enacted by OAC’s Board of Directors in honor of a beloved Board Member best known for creating and fostering meaningful connections within our Community, the Scholarship Fund ensures everyone can develop the bonds only found at OAC’s Your Weight Matters (YWM) National Convention.

Cindi Larimer, MD, is a dedicated member of our OAC Community who wholeheartedly believes in the power of OAC’s YWM Convention and the opportunities the Scholarship Fund offers individuals looking for connection. In this heartfelt member interview, Cindi shares why she supports the Scholarship Fund.

Cindi, you make monthly recurring donations to the Rob Portinga Memorial Scholarship Fund. Can you share with us why you are motivated to give?

Cindi: I donate monthly to the Scholarship Fund because I strongly believe in providing as many people as possible living with the disease of obesity with the opportunity to benefit from the exceptional community education and support experience only found at the Your Weight Matters Convention.

When you think about OAC’s YWM Convention, what comes to mind as the best part?

Cindi: Every year, I eagerly anticipate the Convention as it not only provides me with new insights into the disease of obesity but also allows me to reconnect with familiar faces and meet kind, intelligent, and fascinating individuals who are either living with the disease or caring for someone with it. The Convention offers numerous opportunities to listen to insightful and informative lectures delivered by renowned national and international experts.

Rob Portinga and the friends he made at a YWM Convention.

When you donate to the Scholarship Fund, what do you hope the grant recipients will gain from their YWM Convention experience?

Cindi: My greatest hope is that attending this Convention will provide you with profound understanding, reminding you that you are not alone in your journey and that your body size does not determine your worth, nor is it a result of your behavior or your fault. The best way to learn about living with a disease is by spending time with others who are going through the same experiences. At the Your Weight Matters National Convention, you will unite with individuals who aspire to be compassionate, supportive mentors, teachers and friends.

Give Today to Transform a Life

The Rob Portinga Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Your Weight Matters Convention are vital components of a movement dedicated to transforming the lives of individuals affected by obesity. Donating to the Scholarship Fund grants someone in need the opportunity to find a compassionate and inclusive space to learn and grow, which is essential in their journey toward better health and well-being.

Join Cindi today in supporting the Rob Portinga Memorial Scholarship Fund and make a lasting impact.

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