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Understanding Your Obesity Treatment Options Brochure

Table of Contents

Understanding how weight impacts your health is important. It is also important to know that treating obesity is not something you need to face alone. Weight and weight-loss are complex issues. However, weight-loss as small as 5% has been shown to have health benefits. Your healthcare provider can help you better understand the different reasons for weight gain, as well as the best options for your weight-loss journey.

A variety of obesity treatment options. It can be confusing to know where to begin. Often, it is best to have a combination of methods in your weight-loss plan. There is no single miracle treatment, no matter how promising the ads can be. Your healthcare provider will work with you to select lifestyle modifications and other weight-loss tools to help make your weight-loss and management efforts successful.

Please Note: Before starting any weight management option, please see a healthcare provider. Together, you can discuss options and select the ones that best fit you and your lifestyle.

To help you learn about available options, this brochure looks at the most common ones available today that include:

  • Behavior Modifications
  • Community-based Programs
  • Commercial Weight-loss Options
  • Physician-supervised Options
  • Bariatric Surgery and Devices

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Please Note: Before choosing any weight-loss option, please contact a healthcare professional to decide which option is best for you. Throughout this brochure, you will notice next to each weight-loss option we have listed the type of weight category, according to body mass index (BMI), for which each weight-loss option is most commonly utilized. Often times, it may be necessary to combine more than one weight-loss option to achieve the best outcome and improve your health. To calculate your BMI, please click hereTo navigate through the online version of this brochure, please click the “Next” link located in the lower left-hand corner of each page.

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