Reflecting on YWM2019Earlier this month, the OAC hosted its 8th annual Your Weight Matters Convention & EXPO in Tampa, FL.

During this invigorating weekend, upwards of 400 passionate health advocates came together from more than 34 states across the country (plus four other countries too)! Attendees enjoyed top-notch weight and health education, a warm community of support and a new wave of motivation for their health journeys.

Empowered to Meet Our Health Goals

Reflecting on YWM2019YWM2019 brought-in incredible leaders from the weight/health industry, with experts in obesity medicine, psychology, nutrition, exercise, bariatric surgery and more. Attendees gained practical knowledge and helpful weight management tools for all aspects of their health journeys. No stone was left unturned!

In addition to learning from an incredible Program Agenda, attendees connected one-on-one with experts, vendors in the EXPO Hall, and also each other. The atmosphere was alive with energy! The weekend brought joy, relief, inspiration, commitment, understanding, hope, validation and so much more. One attendee shared the following:

“I prepared myself for review and reinforcement of what I had already learned through my own years of research and the bariatric program at my surgical center. Boy, was I wrong! There was SO MUCH to take away, and I can’t wait to share it with the support groups that I attend.”

Energized to Change the Narrative around Obesity

Beyond each personal motivation for coming to YWM2019, the weekend also sparked something bigger in everyone’s hearts and minds: the desire to change the world for people living with obesity.

Every session, roundtable, special event and conversation at YWM2019 carried the tone of a greater need. There is still so much work to be done to change the narrative around obesity and the people it impacts:

  • More education about obesity as a chronic disease
  • Getting rid of weight bias and stigma in our society
  • Improved access to affordable and comprehensive obesity care
  • Support for people who are struggling with their weight
  • Humanizing obesity by sharing real and honest stories

It’s important to be your own health advocate, but we have to advocate for others too. It is only by walking our health journeys together and Taking Action for the greater good that we can change the perceptions of obesity. This means reaching out to others who have skin in the game:

  • Patients
  • Healthcare providers
  • Researchers
  • Insurance companies
  • The media
  • Families
  • Teachers
  • Everyone possible!

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