Tampa, Fla. – The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is celebrating the “season of giving” by giving back to one of the organization’s key educational initiatives – The Your Weight Matters National Convention Scholarship Program.

Throughout the month of December, the OAC will be working to make quality education accessible to more individuals by matching all charitable gifts made through the duration of 2015 to the OAC Convention Scholarship Program, as part of the “OAC Gives back” initiative.

The Convention Scholarship Program awards grants to help individuals-in-need attend the OAC’s Annual Convention, a 3-day event presenting evidence-based education delivered by the country’s leading experts in weight and health. The OAC is proud to give back to this program by pledging to match and allocate all funds raised through your year-end giving (up to $10,000) and designate these monies to the OAC Convention Scholarship Program.

“The Convention Scholarship Program provides the opportunity for numerous individuals to attend the Your Weight Matters National Convention, where they’ll be provided with the right information about weight and health, and join a community of like-minded individuals who seek out the education, advocacy and support that the OAC works year-round to provide to its members,” said OAC President and CEO Joe Nadglowski. “The OAC aspires to make attending this event a reality for anyone looking to learn more about their weight and health, and this includes those who may not have the financial means to cover all the costs associated with taking part in an in-person meeting.”

The OAC will not be able to accomplish this goal alone, and because of this, the organization is making a public call for all OAC members, sponsors and supporters to support the organization’s mission and give back to the organization before the end of the calendar year.

“The reality is that we simply could not make the proactive impact we do on a yearly basis if it weren’t for the fundraising support of our members,” said Ted Kyle, Chairman of the OAC’s National Board of Directors. “We rely on the OAC’s members and supporters to help us make a difference for all individuals affected by obesity. By contributing to the OAC throughout the month of December, you’ll know your support is making a direct impact in the lives of those the OAC supports year-round. We thank you for your support of the Coalition and our efforts.”

The OAC is asking for all individuals to show their support of the OAC’s efforts by making a tax-deductible donation today, so the organization may continue elevating and empowering all those affected by the disease of obesity. As the OAC pledges to give by providing education, advocacy and support, the organization is asking all of its members and supporters to pledge their support in return.

The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC), a more than 50,000 member-strong National nonprofit organization, is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals affected by the disease of obesity through education, advocacy and support. To learn more about the OAC, please visit www.ObesityAction.org.