Take #OACAction to eliminate weight bias!Unfortunately, weight bias is at the root of many problems that individuals affected by obesity often face. Obesity stigma is a major underlying issue that impacts a variety of different areas such as healthcare, employment, media representation, insurance coverage for treatment and everyday life. Though it has extensive physical and mental health consequences, obesity stigma is still considered to be the last socially acceptable form of discrimination in our society. That has to change.

If we want to see a better world for individuals affected by obesity, we have to chip away at the existence of weight bias every chance we get. Fortunately, there are many different and impactful ways to take #OACAction and stand-up to stigma! Here are a few popular and easy examples of action:

  • Tweet/post replies to social media articles that focus on weight-loss instead of health.
  • Call someone out for not using People-first Language or appropriate, respectful visuals to represent people affected by obesity.
  • Discuss People-first Language with family and friends.
  • Write a letter to a T.V. show that features characters affected by obesity.
  • Let us know when you correct someone for not using People-first Language.
  • Tag your healthcare provider’s office on social social media when you have a good experience that is respectful and bias-free.

Take #OACAction Now!

Start taking #OACAction today! Pull ideas from the short list above or come up with your own ideas to help OAC eliminate weight bias. For helpful resources you can use to supplement your actions and provide evidence-based information, visit ObesityAction.org and start exploring. Almost anything on our website can be used to share with your networks to help erase weight bias in our society!

After you take #OACAction, tell us! Post a picture or video of your action, or write a social media status that explains how you made a difference. Then, be sure to use the hashtag #OACAction so others can see what you’ve done. Thank you for your efforts!