Take #OACAction to make a difference!This past week, August 27- 31, OAC proudly hosted Anytime Actions Month to spread awareness about the many ways OAC supporters can take #OACAction to make a difference. #OACAction is any effort or gesture that helps move OAC forward in its mission to improve the lives of individuals affected by obesity. From calling-out weight bias online and in-person to sharing OAC resources and information in your community, there are countless ways to take #OACAction! Let’s recap a few of them we covered this week:

  • Outreach Anytime Actions – Actions you can take in your very own community to help raise awareness of OAC, its mission and important work
  • Healthcare Provider Anytime Actions – Actions for healthcare providers that help to transform care and treatment for those affected by obesity, one action at a time
  • Access to Care Anytime Actions – Actions which shine a light on barriers to evidence-based obesity treatments while also sharing ways to overcome those barriers and improve access to care
  • Weight Bias Anytime Actions – Actions that help move us closer to ending weight bias everywhere, because bias and stigma are at the root of many problems that people with obesity often face

Let’s Get #OACAction Trending Everywhere!

The goal of the #OACAction hashtag is to help others recognize that action is easy and there are many ways to make a difference. By searching the hashtag online and on social media channels, others can see the actions that OAC supporters are taking. If we create a groundswell, the #OACAction hashtag can motivate, inspire and encourage others! It not only builds momentum for changing the world for people affected by obesity, but it lets others know they’re not alone. People are out their fighting for the voices and rights of individuals living with this chronic disease. We’re taking action together!

#OACAction is All of the Time

Although this week in particular was Anytime Actions Week, know that anyone can take #OACAction at any time! There is always a need to spread awareness of OAC and take action to make a difference on behalf of those affected by obesity.

Whenever you take #OACAction of any size, please post your actions on social media using the #OACAction hashtag! Simply share a video or picture of your action, or even write a post explaining what you did. When others search the hashtag online, they’ll see your effort and know that they can take action too! #OACAction is a domino effect.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Anytime Actions Week! Together, let’s keep the momentum going and grow our impact to reach more people. Stay tuned for more actions and OAC engagement opportunities coming down the pipeline!