Tampa, Fla. – The OAC is proud to announce Amber Huett-Garcia, MPA, BS, as Vice-chairman of the Coalition. Amber is a longtime OAC member and has served on the OAC National Board since 2012. She is the past-Chair of the OAC Convention Planning Committee where she led for three years and most recently helped to develop the Convention Scholarship Program. She continues to serve on the Convention Planning Committee as well as the Revenue Generation Committee. She is also the recipient of the 2014 OAC Chairman’s Award. Ms. Huett-Garcia is a director at Teach for America and lives in Memphis, Tenn.

“I am extremely excited to have Amber as Vice-chairman of the OAC. Her leadership on the Board, and with the OAC’s National Convention, has been monumentally beneficial to the organization in a variety of ways. I look forward to working with her,” said Ted Kyle, RPh, MBA.

The OAC also welcomed Sarah Bramblette to the National Board of Directors. As an OAC member since 2012, Sarah has dedicated herself to raising awareness of the OAC, weight bias and the disease of obesity. In 2014, she was honored with the OAC Member of the Year Award for her support of the OAC’s mission and goals. She was featured in the OAC’s Your Weight Matters Magazine and was also the first-place winner of HealthCentral’s #LiveBold Anti-stigma Photo Contest. She is a lipedema, lymphedema, obesity, and health insurance advocate and is currently working toward a master’s degree in health law.
“We are very excited to have Sarah on the OAC National Board. Her contributions to the OAC have been tremendous, and we look forward to her thoughts and knowledge as a director,” said Joe Nadglowski, OAC President and CEO.

The OAC National Board of Directors are as follows: Ted Kyle, RPh, MBA, Chairman of the Board; Amber Huett-Garcia, MPA, BS, Vice-chairman; Pam Davis, RN, BSN, CBN, Immediate-Past Chairman, Georgeann Mallory, RD, Treasurer; Michelle Vicari, Secretary; Tammy Beaumont, BSN, RN, CBN; Sarah Bramblette; Jaime Fivecoat, MBA; Robert Kushner, MD; Holly F. Lofton, MD; Tracy Martinez, RN, BSN, CBN; Walter Medlin, MD, FACS; Lloyd Stegemann, MD; and Melinda J. Watman, BSN, MSN, CNM, MBA.

The 2015 Board of Directors’ slate was presented to the membership in November 2014. We invited our members to review the slate and submit their own candidate, if desired. The OAC received full support of the slate and we now welcome Sarah to the Board. For more information on the OAC National Board of Directors, please visit the OAC Web site at www.ObesityAction.org.

About the OAC
The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC), a nearly 50,000 member-strong National nonprofit organization, is dedicated to improving the lives of individuals affected by the disease of obesity through education, advocacy and support