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The Treatment Continuum: From Pharmaceuticals to Surgery

Gone are the days when help with weight-loss defaulted to “eat less, move more.” Since obesity is different for everyone, there should be more than one approach. Thankfully, there is – and your treatment options range from obesity medications to bariatric surgery and everything in between. The key is to find what fits YOUR needs.

This distinguished panel of accomplished obesity care physicians and researchers – Robert Kushner, MD; Donna H. Ryan, MD; Christopher Still, DO, FACN, FACP; and Walter Medlin, MD, FACS – break down what options available to you. Discover the new age of science-based treatment options that consider your biology, physiology, genetics and more.

Presented at YWM2015

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People living with obesity deserve to have their stories told, and OAC fights to ensure those stories are told with dignity and respect. Learn about OAC’s work with the film “The Whale” and how we hope our participation influences the representation of obesity in future films.

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