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The Science of Weight: Finding “Healthy” Along Your Weight-loss Journey

If lifestyle changes are the “easy cure” for struggles with weight, why does anyone struggle at all – even WITH healthy habits in check?

Leading obesity medicine specialist Donna H. Ryan, MD, explains that there is actually a complex biological and physiological science behind weight.  Discover how your body defends against weight-loss while promoting weight gain, how much weight-loss it really takes to see health benefits, and what behaviors can make us healthier at any weight.

Presented at YWM2015

Post-operative addiction is often overly simplified as transfer addiction or cross-addiction, assuming individuals “trade” compulsive eating for…

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Telemedicine became a popular tool during the pandemic because it allows healthcare professionals to provide medical care…

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Eating disorders can be a concern or question for many who are along the journey to improved…

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