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I Lost Weight, Now How Do I Keep it off?

Entering the weight maintenance phase can be exciting, but it can be a bit scary, too! One of your first thoughts may likely be, “How do I keep the weight off?”

Leading voices in obesity medicine Robert Kushner, MD; and Scott Kahan, MD, MPH, ease your worries and tell you what the research shows. But most importantly, they give you tools to help you in your weight journey so you can stay on-track and continue celebrating your successes!

Presented at YWM2017

Overall, men have higher rates of overweight and obesity than women but are often less likely to…

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Did you know that stress can have an impact on weight? Many people increase their food intake…

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Post-operative addiction is often overly simplified as transfer addiction or cross-addiction, assuming individuals “trade” compulsive eating for…

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