World Obesity Day March 4thToday on March 4th of Obesity Care Week (#OCW2021), the OAC is recognizing World Obesity Day!

World Obesity Day (WOD) is all about bringing together the global community to work toward building happier, healthier and longer lives for everybody. The mission of WOD is to:

  • Increase awareness of obesity as a disease and improve understanding of its root causes and the actions needed to address them.
  • Change the way obesity is addressed across society by encouraging people to become advocates, stand up and call for change.
  • Create a healthy environment that prioritizes obesity as a health issue by working to change policies that will build the right support systems for the future.
  • Share experiences about obesity so that we can inspire and unite a global community to work towards our common goal.

The disease of obesity has become a worldwide epidemic and has come into the spotlight even more as we are now learning how individuals with obesity are at a higher risk for severe complications from COVID-19. As the world continues to address obesity, we are learning more and more about the disease – but even more valuable is that we are connecting with people all over the world dealing with obesity. We are seeing firsthand how they are unifying and making a difference in their countries.

Representing the Patient Voice in the U.S.

So on this World Obesity Day, the OAC wanted to highlight our activities on the global stage by sharing with you how we represent the patient voice in the U.S. through our membership in the Global Obesity Patient Alliance (GOPA). GOPA is a unified voice of obesity patient organizations from around the world dedicated to igniting and inspiring global change for people living with obesity. Here is a special video we’ve produced about GOPA in honor of World Obesity Day 2021 during Obesity Care Week!

Take Action in the U.S. on World Obesity Day!

Also in recognition of World Obesity Day taking place during #OCW2021, the OAC and other health advocates from across the U.S. are sending unified letters to President Biden asking him to make the disease of obesity a priority in his administration.

The letter not only sheds light on how obesity stigma has long prevented effective treatment and recognition of obesity as a chronic disease, but also stresses the importance of access to treatment given the strong link between obesity and COVID-19 complications. The letter also calls for better obesity care policies that will change the way society cares about obesity.

Now more than ever, it is imperative that people currently living with obesity, or at risk of developing obesity, and are ready to address their health, should have expanded access to both prevention and treatment avenues.

Here’s How You Can Help!

Join the OAC in supporting World Obesity Day in the U.S. by sending your own letter to President Biden asking him to make the disease of obesity a priority in his administration! The OAC has already created the letter for you with our automated message generator, but you have the option to customize it with your personal touch. This is YOUR opportunity to contact President Biden and take action on WOD of #OCW2021!


Tweet this! Today is #WorldObesityDay! Join me in supporting this day by spreading the word and taking action! Click the link to learn how you can get involved! #OCW2021 #WOD2021 @ObesityCareWeek

Tweet this! Join me in taking action on #WorldObesityDay of #ObesityCareWeek by sending a letter to President Biden asking him to make the disease of obesity a priority in his administration! #WOD2021 #OCW2021 @ObesityCareWeek