Why Should We Take Obesity Care More Seriously? Hear Directly from an OAC Community Member

Hear from an OAC Community Member about the barriers that often prevent patients with obesity from getting effective healthcareIn her own journey with weight, OAC Community Member Sarah B. has faced countless barriers with our healthcare system. In trying to get care and treatment for various conditions, she has seen firsthand how patients with obesity are treated differently than those with other diseases.

While many think that access to care is mostly about insurance coverage, Sarah explains that there is much more to consider. Access to Care involves many factors, some of which include:

  • Finding a doctor who is trained in obesity care
  • Appropriate diagnostic equipment (scales, blood pressure cuffs)
  • Doctor attitudes and bedside manner

Sarah’s experiences taught her what quality healthcare should look like. Now she wants other patients to be aware of potential barriers and feel empowered to do something in response.

Why the OAC Cares about this Issue:

Stories like Sarah’s, and other OAC Members, are why the OAC fights every day for patients with obesity to have access to healthcare that is affordable, respectful and effective.

More than 93 million people in the U.S. are affected by obesity and obesity-related conditions. If we do not equip them properly to manage their health, we will continue to see a major gap in our country’s healthcare – not to mention the real lives of real people.

These stories are also why the OAC is supporting National Obesity Care Week (NOCW), and it’s happening RIGHT NOW! NOCW challenges all of us to change the way we care about obesity.