On Wednesday, Oct. 28th, the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) streamed live from its headquarters in Tampa, FL, as we celebrated the launch of our first monthly broadcast!

The new broadcast comes at the perfect time because now more than ever, individuals are digging their heels deeper into the virtual world to stay connected and informed. Today, the power of online messaging has never been more valuable – so here at OAC, we wanted to step further into the virtual world to connect with you in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Trending Topics, Thought-Provoking Discussions, and Real Conversations

Since the creation of our new video studio, this broadcast has been on OAC’s bucket list! We know that obesity is complex and that there are so many conflicting messages competing for our attention. With this, we’ve long imagined a space where we can filter out the noise, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and have real conversations about important topics.

Here’s what you can expect from OAC’s NEW broadcast each month!

  • OAC updates about current activities, “wins,” and news stories
  • A highlight of current trending topics in obesity and what they mean for you
  • Discussions that break down important topics in an easy-to-understand way
  • Increased understanding of obesity and related issues
  • Real conversations that you can be a part of
  • Challenging and changing the narrative around obesity

Launching Our First Episode

Last week’s launch was one for the books! Broadcasted on Facebook LIVE from OAC headquarters, we welcomed viewers from all over the country and globe for our first episode: “Challenging the Narrative – Dispelling Common Myths about Obesity.”

The episode featured co-hosts Kristy Kuna (OAC VP of Programs and Operations) and James Zervios (VP of Marketing and Communications), alongside special guest Joe Nadglowski (President and CEO). Everyone felt the energy behind-the-scenes as viewers shared their excitement by sending in hundreds of comments and messages!

Here’s a glance at what we talked about:

  • Our motivation for starting this broadcast
  • OAC’s work and “recent wins” behind-the-scenes
  • Current and trending topics: COVID-19 and obesity
  • Common myths we hear often about obesity
  • What you can expect from this broadcast moving forward

Did you miss the live broadcast? No worries! The episode was captured via video and is available on OAC’s Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Instagram.