As part of our partnership with Novo Nordisk for their “It’s Bigger Than Me” Campaign, our President and CEO, Joe Nadglowski had the opportunity to interview Queen Latifah, Novo Nordisk’s official spokesperson for this campaign. Watch this special interview on our YouTube channel to learn more about “It’s Bigger Than Me,” why Queen Latifah decided to add her voice to this movement and why this campaign is so important.

More about “It’s Bigger Than Me”

The OAC is proud to be an official partner of Novo Nordisk’s “It’s Bigger Than Me” Movement to change perceptions about living with the disease of obesity. Obesity is a serious health condition and not a character flaw.

 “OAC and Novo Nordisk have a long-standing relationship in the effort to change the way we talk about obesity, treat it, and most importantly, change the way we care about people with obesity,” said Joe Nadglowski, OAC President and CEO.

Through the OAC’s partnership and support of this campaign, we hope to change the conversation about obesity together. Please learn more about this exciting new movement at