BMI checkEvery year, the number of individuals living with obesity increases. With that increase comes a need for more healthcare professionals than ever before to discuss the topic of weight and how it impacts health.

However, this hasn’t always been simple. Though obesity was classified as a disease by the American Medical Association (AMA) in 2013, many healthcare providers have not been trained to understand this complex disease or treat it with quality, evidence-based care. The result is often stigma toward patients living with obesity and/or lack of knowledge in its specific causes, concerns and treatment paths.

Finding a Qualified Healthcare Provider to Talk about Weight and Health

Visit OAC's Obesity Care Provider Locator to find a qualified obesity care provider near youTo help fill in the gaps, OAC recently launched an Obesity Care Provider Locator at for individuals to search for quality obesity care in their local area. We know that finding a healthcare provider who is knowledgeable about weight and can talk to patients on this topic is invaluable on the weight management journey. Our Locator is no-cost, user-friendly and able to help individuals find quality specialists such as medical doctors, surgeons, dietitians, nurse practitioners, psychologists and more.

“Some of the hardest parts of beginning obesity treatment are starting the conversation with a healthcare provider and knowing they are qualified and open to helping. aims to remove those obstacles with a database of thousands of providers nationwide,” said Joe Nadglowski, OAC President/CEO. 

In addition to being able to search specialties and providers by zip code, individuals can access resources about what to look for and how to prepare for an appointment. We make starting the conversation easy! If you’re ready to have an honest talk about weight and health, we encourage you to start right here.

Visit OAC’s Obesity Care Provider Locator

Take #OACAction and Share!

Use #OACAction when taking action through social media!If you’re looking for an easy way to make a difference and help improve lives of people living with obesity, you can take action using OAC’s new Obesity Care Provider Locator! Share this resource and this message via your social circles (friends/family, provider’s office, social media) to let others know this tool is available and free to use. You can help someone on their journey toward better health through weight management! If you share the Locator on your social media channels, remember to use the hashtag #OACAction so others can see the difference you are making.

Visit OAC’s Obesity Care Provider Locator