Next month during Obesity Care Week is also World Obesity Day, which will be recognized on March 4th. On this day, the OAC and other advocates will visit Capitol Hill to speak with U.S. legislators about the importance of passing the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act (TROA).

Note: If passed, TROA will give Medicare beneficiaries greater access to meaningful obesity treatment tools. These include FDA-approved chronic obesity medications, behavior counseling and more.

Why We Need You!

Meeting face-to-face with legislators is important and empowering. However, it only goes so far. The most compelling messages that lead to ACTION are personal stories. A legislator is more likely to support a bill or a cause if they hear directly from people who have been, or will be, impacted by it.

What You Can Do:

Share your access to care stories that relate to obesity! Here are some examples:

The OAC makes sharing your access to care stories easy. Step by step, our video-sharing platform will walk you through how to upload a video straight from your smart phone, tablet, computer or other device. Your video doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just real.

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