Wrapping up the month of June, we’ve illustrated the power of the personal story and shared thought-provoking videos by OAC members who opened up about their personal experiences with obesity.

This week, we want to highlight a story from OAC member Dana Rosser in Orlando, FL. Dana’s story is a great example of how obesity affects not just the person who has it, but also in many cases their loved ones. This message is important because it calls attention to a different range of emotions and challenges: fear, worry, anger, frustration, and navigating relationships that are affected by serious health issues.

My Story: Loving Someone with Obesity

Dana submitted her story to Weight of the World, OAC’s special story-sharing video platform for amplifying voices and experiences.

In her video, Dana talks about her experience with being a wife to her husband that battled with obesity. Just by sharing her story and personal challenges, she was able to convey some important points about obesity and how family members can also struggle with a loved one’s weight.

  • Watching a loved one struggle with obesity can be confusing and scary, and it can sometimes leave you frustrated
  • Weight bias doesn’t just affect the person with obesity, but can also affect their loved ones
  • Supporters of loved ones with obesity need support, too
  • Addressing a loved one’s weight can be hard, but it can be done with care

Dana talks about her journey with loving her husband and navigating life with her family, who also feared for her husband’s health. Her story is important because it acknowledges that weight is a sensitive subject, but it shouldn’t be ignored when a loved one’s health and quality of life is being affected.

Dana’s story is also valuable because it offers validation, hope and encouragement to other people watching who may also have loved ones affected by obesity.

Share Your Story

Do you have an interest in sharing your story? The OAC needs more videos like Dana’s in our Weight of the World Video Library to help humanize obesity, increase awareness and offer support.