In a recent OAC blog post, we talked about the value of sharing stories and the power they have to help people think differently about obesity.

One way the OAC aims to fight obesity stigma and increase understanding is to amplify the stories of patients and their unique experiences. Getting those stories out into the world is an important tool for supporting others and building greater awareness of obesity as a complex disease.

My Story: Taking Control of My Obesity with Treatment

To emphasize the easiness of storytelling and the power behind it, check out this video submitted to Weight of the World by OAC member Rob Portinga from Washington. Weight of the World is OAC’s special video-sharing platform for stories and a tool for amplifying voices.

In his video, Rob talks about some of the challenges he’s faced in his health journey. They highlight tough topics that aren’t always talked about in mainstream conversations about weight:

  • The weight bias Rob noticed that existed throughout his life, made evident by the friendlier treatment he was given at a smaller size.
  • Men often have a harder time asking for help with weight-loss, as it is generally more accepted for men to be heavier.
  • Rob chose bariatric surgery as a treatment tool, which was a tough decision because bariatric surgery is often unfairly viewed as the “easy way out.”

Rob’s video is important because he used it to express himself, call attention to key issues affecting people with obesity, and encourage viewers to seek help with weight management if they need it.

Share Your Story

Do you have an interest in sharing your story? The OAC needs more videos like Rob’s in our Weight of the World Video Library to help humanize obesity, increase awareness and offer support.