When you donate to OAC's Convention Scholarship Fund, you make attending YWM2019 a reality for someone in need.

OAC’s Your Weight Matters Convention & EXPO changes lives each and every year. There is truly no other place to recommit to our health journeys, learn from respected and innovative experts, re-energize in the midst of a “diet industry” that is no doubt fatiguing, and connect with others sharing your same interests and experiences.

But for many, financial hardships prevent our sought-after Convention from becoming a reality. Still, we believe strongly in the high-quality weight & health education and one-of-a-kind experiences our attendees attest to each year, so it’s our goal to open the doors for more people to come without expenses getting in the way.

How? We can make it REAL through OAC’s Convention Scholarship Program.

You Can Take OAC Action by Making a Generous Donation

If you want to be a part of changing someone’s life and empowering them on their journey with weight, you can make a truly appreciated donation to our Convention Scholarship Program!

Generous donations like yours will help us grow our scholarship fund to award grants to underserved individuals wanting to benefit from attending YWM2019 in Tampa, August 1-3, where Education, Connections and Support become REAL:

Real Education:

Someone in need will get to hear science-based education presented by leading industry experts they can trust – including practical info and customized tips on a range of diverse topics related to weight management and total wellness.

Real Connections:

Someone in need can make meaningful connections with other people on the same journey – people who just “get it,” know how complex weight management is and want to help them succeed. Relationships like these are hard to come by and can last a lifetime.

Real Support:

Someone in need will have a unique opportunity to feel empowered, inspired and supported on their journey with weight and health, while also gaining helpful and practical tools to bring them long-term success with weight management.

YOU can help “make it real” for someone deserving by donating $5, $20 or $50 to OAC’s 2019 Convention Scholarship Fund. Will you be a source of support to someone else?

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A past Convention attendee talks about attending on a scholarship and how it helped her.

Geisinger Health System is Matching You Dollar for Dollar

The OAC’s generous partnership with Geisinger Health System is even more of a reason to give a donation and “make it real” for someone who needs help attending our Convention.

Once again, Geisinger has graciously pledged to provide a $5000 matching gift toward the OAC’s Convention Scholarship Fund. This means that every dollar raised toward $5k from April 3-30 is DOUBLED! Will you take OAC Action and help us meet this life-changing goal?

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