Our Donor Program gives you easy and fun ways to give year-round!


Let’s be pretty transparent. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the OAC does a LOT of work throughout the year. With many diverse initiatives that address obesity awareness, quality education, advocacy and support, the work we do simply isn’t possible without your help!

Introducing OAC’s Donor Program

You’ve always had the chance to donate to OAC directly by visiting ObesityAction.org/Donate, but now there are even more ways to support the OAC by participating in our newly-launched Donor Program!

From selecting the OAC as your charity of choice for a Facebook birthday fundraiser or Amazon Smile, to celebrating major milestones in your life like your surgiversary or first 5K, it’s easy (and most importantly, rewarding!) to take OAC Action and make our year-round efforts possible.

Recurring and/or monthly donations truly help us carry out our mission – from producing, printing and disseminating OAC’s educational materials to launching campaigns that identify and tackle weight bias in public settings. To learn more about all the different ways you can give back to the OAC, CLICK HERE.

A Charitable Cause Worth Fighting For

As you might have guessed, weight stigma prevents many people from seeing obesity as a disease worth paying attention to – but the facts remain the same. More than 93 million U.S. adults are challenged by obesity, and even more struggle with their weight in some capacity. We can’t turn our eyes away from it. Obesity is still too misunderstood, and people affected not only need, but deserve, access to quality education, science-based treatment and real support.

That’s where the OAC comes in as the nation’s leading patient advocacy organization for people affected by obesity. We strive to make the world a better place. We’re trying to re-write the obesity narrative, but we need you on board to make it happen!

Will you consider making OAC the charity of your choice when you donate and give back to causes you care about? Every cent and dollar raised goes to sharing important education, fighting for patient rights, eliminating weight stigma and simply being there for people.

To say “Yes!” to making OAC the charity of your choice, CLICK HERE.