Everyone Has a Story. What’s Yours?

When it comes to the journey with weight, there are few things as valuable as having someone to relate to. No matter what your journey has looked like, someone out there can benefit from hearing your story! Every life experience, challenge, struggle, success and lesson goes a long way in showing others they are not alone in their walk with weight. That’s why your story is so powerful.

Sharing Your Story is Easy and Life-changing

With the OAC’s Weight of the World project, share your story today! This powerful video collection platform makes story sharing possible in a real, honest and safe space designed to offer support to others. It’s a place where you can freely talk about all aspects of your journey including:

  • When you realized weight was impacting your health/everyday life
  • How your journey with weight has shaped your life experiences
  • The obstacles you’ve overcome; the successes you’ve achieved!
  • How you’ve chosen or tried to manage your weight
  • What your journey with weight has taught you along the way

Have you ever wanted to encourage someone else facing the same challenges? Change how obesity is perceived? Break the stigma surrounding struggles with weight? Add your story to our Video Library and be a part of changing the world for people living with obesity.

Share Your Story

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You could win an Amazon gift card by sharing your story to OAC's Weight of the WorldThe harness the power of story sharing and get more eyes on our Weight of the World project, the OAC wants to grow our Video Library of stories. When you submit your story by Tuesday, April 30, you’ll have the chance to win one of FIVE $5 Amazon gift cards as a special “thank you!”

By growing our Video Library, we hope to encourage more people to share their stories and showcase the meaningful impact it can have on someone watching them. Discover your voice and share yours today!

Share Your Story