Make a donation to shine a light on obesity and illuminate the need for quality education

The OAC’s “Shine a Light on Obesity” Fundraising Campaign is gaining momentum! With your help, we’re bringing to light serious issues that demand more attention in 2020. Fortunately, one of the best ways to bring awareness to these issues is also one of the key issues we’re focusing on: the need for quality, unbiased obesity education. 

Why We Need Obesity Education

One of the OAC’s core pillars is sharing obesity education that is science-based and practical. Because of stigma, obesity is commonly believed to have one simple cause: eating a lot and not exercising enough. Therefore, it’s not always viewed as a disease, but a character flaw. However, there are many causes of obesity and therefore different treatment approaches.

You can help the OAC reach more people with quality education that answers:

  • What causes obesity?
  • How can it effectively be treated?
  • How can it be prevented?
  • How can we better support patients with obesity?

Help the OAC Shine a Light on the Need for Quality Obesity Education. Make a Tax-deductible Donation Today!

  1. Make a Tax-deductible Donation of ANY amount to the OAC’s year-end “Shine a Light on Obesity” Fundraising Campaign.
  2. Tell us what issues in obesity (including the need for quality education) you want to “shine a light” on with your donation.
  3. In return for your generosity, the OAC will share your support by hanging a light with your name on it on our holiday tree!

Your financial support will help the OAC share quality and helpful education about obesity to patients, healthcare providers and loved ones across the country. Plus, when you donate to “Shine a Light on Obesity,” you’ll also shine a light from the OAC National Office when we add your name to our holiday tree!

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