Participate in the OAC Step Challenge July 15 - August 15 to step up for change while committing to your personal health goalsAre you interested in a fun, exciting way to support the OAC and commit to your health goals at the same time? Starting July 15, participate in the OAC Step Challenge as we “Step Up for Change” to create a better world for people living with obesity!

OAC Step Challenge: An Overview

The OAC Step Challenge — ‘Step Up for Change’ — will take place July 15 – August 15, 2019. We are challenging our dedicated supporters, advocates and Community Members nationwide to join us in stepping up for a world that better supports people affected by obesity in tangible ways.

As a national nonprofit organization, the OAC works hard every day to build this world that we know is possible with your help. Alongside our Community Members and supporters, we aim to:

  • Increase awareness and education surrounding obesity
  • Increase access to quality obesity healthcare
  • Overcome harmful and pervasive weight bias
  • Provide reliable evidence-based education on weight and health
  • Support individuals along their personal health journeys

Starting July 15, our Community Members and supporters can now have fun, engage with the OAC and give back through our Step Challenge! Your participation allows you to raise funds to help fuel the work we do, while also making a pledge to your own health goals.

How the Challenge Will Work:

For 30 days, we want our supporters to help us “Step Up for Change” with this fundraiser. This is a chance to support our work and challenge yourself to meet your own personal step goal.

Those who’d like to participate can register for the challenge on our event page once the challenge opens. After registering, you can set-up your own personal Step Challenge page to share what made you want to “Step Up for Change.” This page will also allow others to support you in your own personal fundraising and step goals.

Throughout the challenge, OAC steppers will get fun weekly messages about:

  • Weekly Step Challenge activities
  • Ways to engage with our Community
  • How they can talk/share with fellow #OACSteppers in our Discussion Forum and online