Advocacy Town Hall Attendees
New and experienced advocates join OAC’s virtual Advocacy Town Hall Series

Last week, Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) wrapped up our groundbreaking Advocacy Town Hall Series. Aspiring obesity advocates from across the country joined OAC in our efforts to expand access to care, stop weight bias and create a better world for people with obesity.

The Advocacy Town Halls were live virtual meetings that gave our members the opportunity to learn about the many sides of advocacy, connect with like-minded individuals across the country and have in-depth discussions with OAC’s advocacy experts about ways to be more engaged in our work.

Why Advocate?

OAC’s advocacy efforts are all about fighting for the change we deserve by demanding fairness in healthcare and respect in society. It was through grassroots advocacy that many of the most powerful historical movements were successful – including civil rights, child labor protections, safety in the workplace, abolishing slavery, marriage equality and even the creation of Social Security. These movements prove that change can be made when people come together to demand a better world by correcting the injustices that harm certain groups of people. At OAC, we know people affected by obesity tend to face false assumptions and biases that negatively impact their everyday lives and are often left behind when it comes to care.

Empowering New OAC Advocates

The Town Hall sessions introduced attendees to the priority issue areas that OAC works on, including access to care and weight bias. The focus then shifted to discuss advocacy targets, including who can give us what we want and how we can show our power.

Next was a session about the power of your lived experience in advocacy. You don’t need to be an expert on insurance, health policy or law to be a powerful advocate! Sharing the challenges we face is a powerful way to show the many ways our system is broken and needs change. Attendees were next introduced to three of OAC’s current advocates – Sarah Bramblette, Maya Cohen, and Jason Krynicki. They shared their experiences and provided tips to overcome the hurdles and nerves that all advocates face. Finally, OAC painted the big picture of how the 2022 election might impact our efforts and the outlook for 2023 and beyond.

Thank You for Joining!

OAC would like to thank each of the attendees who made time in their busy schedules to attend these sessions. We are here to help you become a more impactful advocate no matter where you are starting – from people who had never heard the word advocacy before to those with many years of experience helping our cause. Advocacy doesn’t work unless everyone gets involved!

We would also like to extend special thanks to each speaker who shared their wisdom with the participants. The Town Hall Series was successful with your help! And finally, we would like to thank Pfizer, whose support allowed OAC to launch these crucial trainings and help develop our next generation of advocates.

If you weren’t able to join the Advocacy Town Hall Series live, don’t worry! All of our sessions were recorded and are available for you to view at a time that works for you. Click here to catch the session recordings!

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